Chairperson’s Chat April/May 2021

Hi Everyone,

I hope this newsletter finds you all well and raring to go as the summer season fast approaches. Rest assured the club has been working hard to ensure Track and Field competitions take place as well as road and trail running along with race walking events. With lockdown now over we hope that a full season will follow so watch this space.

Below and within you will find the following information –

  • Membership
  • Help required
  • Social Running group
  • Track and Field League signing on system 2021
  • Guidance for athletes, parents and coaches at this time
  • Track and Field competition and 365 training sessions summer 2021 – full list of both.
  • IOM Athletics fixture list May to September 2021
  • Final Thoughts
  • Training and coaching sessions on offer this summer – over 30 per week!!!

So here goes –

Club Membership.

Our hardworking membership secretary Jenny Dowling has got out membership forms emailed out to everyone and details are also on the club website membership page. You can pay online as well as by cheque. We very much appreciate all who have paid membership already but would ask that others do so as soon as they possibly can. The club needs funds to put on competitions, training etc. If you could sort this soon that will be appreciated. Also you need to be a full member to take part in the track and field leagues. It is not like road running where an unattached levy can be used – you have to be a member of a club so again please pay up as soon as you can. All details including the membership form can be found on the Manx Harriers website on the membership page. Thanks for acting upon this request.

Help Required.

We are always in need of more helpers with competitions and coaching. If you can help in any way please contact Andy 495830 or or anyone from our committee (details in the last newsletter). Events coming up where help will be needed –

  • Up and Running T&F League for U7, U9 and U11 athletes – raking the pit, helping at the start etc etc.
  • Parish Walk – marshals, helping on the day setting up church check points etc.
  • IOMA T&F League U13 and above – as Up and Running League.
  • Manx Solidarity Fund Fun Run, Sunday May 2nd30am at NSC – Marshals checking runners are OK and spectators keep off the racing line – One hour with free refreshments!!!
  • Trail and Road race Marshals at events like the Foxdale 5 and Pier to Pier race.
  • Help at coaching sessions – possibly getting qualified and becoming a coach yourself.

Social Running Group on Mondays at 6.30pm.

The aim of the group is to provide a supportive and easy going atmosphere whilst enjoying a run, a chat and refreshments. Ray Cox is the main coach present and details can be gained from Andy Fox on 495830 or The group meet at the Manx Harriers Clubhouse at 6.30pm and enjoy a run followed by a chat and cuppa in the clubhouse. This is open to anyone interested – you do not have to be a club member to attend. So come along and join in the fun.

Track and Field League signing on system 2021.

Our original plan was to have a signing on night at the clubhouse on Thursdays in the next couple of weeks. With the fact that there has been some community cases of Covid19 on the island and the volunteers would be meeting approx. 300 people indoors on the 2 nights it seems a risk not worth taking at this time.

As such, we aim to do the registration for the leagues online with numbers available for collection at the time of the first meeting. Hopefully by then things will have calmed down a little as well. Please keep your eyes open for information about this in the next few days!!!

Manx Harriers – Guidance for Coaches organising sessions and Athletes Attending sessions Summer 2021.


After Lockdown 3 ended on Monday 19th April 2021 it became possible for training and competition to take place as usual on the Isle of Man.  Even though some community transmission cases have been detected the Manx Govt. has said that sport may continue. Certain mitigation needs to be in place to allow this. Please see below.

Before Training and Competition.

Please make sure you are aware of Govt. advice and that you are aware of the information contained within this document. Also check Manx Harriers Facebook for up to date information about training and what is on and what has been cancelled.

Parents – please make sure that your child is a fully paid up member of the club. This means that they are insured for training and competition. Also – sessions may take place but only you can decide if it is safe for your child to attend training or competition.

Athletes – please make sure that you are a fully paid up member of the club. This means you are insured for training and competition.

Coaches – at sessions you must remind athletes about taking care with distancing. In addition remind athletes to use the items listed below regularly, or as and when required.

Athletes – must accept this advice from coaches – it is for everyone’s safety, and must not get annoyed by it.

When coming to a session athletes must have the following with them –

  • Mask
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • If throwing – sterilizing wipes to clean equipment (try not to share implements)
  • Own Tissues
  • Bring your own water
  • Allow social distancing

We suggest you have a small bag to carry the above and have it ready to bring with you to every session until further notice.

If training at the track or using the clubhouse as a base then toilets will be available to use. Make sure you wash hands after use and spend as little time indoors as possible.


We have kept this guidance as simple as possible. It is important all take precautions and care for their own safety.

Coaching and T&F Racing Schedule

Mon 19/04                     Coaches Meeting on zoom

Thurs 22/04                    U13/15+ 365 coaching


Mon 26/04                      U9/11 365 coaching

Thurs 29/04                    U13/15+ 365 coaching and IOM Lge Sign on U13+ open


Mon 03/05                      U9/11 365 coaching(Bank Holiday)

Wed 05/05                      Waiting room session 5 to 6pm

Thurs 06/05                    U13/15+ 365 coaching and U7/U9/11 Lge Sign on open


Mon 10/05                      10km Track Champs – run and walk – No coaching U9/11

Wed 12/05                      Waiting room session 4 to 5pm

                                        IOM Lge 1 U13+

Thurs  13/05                   U13/15+ 365 coaching


Mon 17/05                      U9/11 365  coaching

Wed 19/05                      Waiting room session 5 to 6pm

Thurs 20/05                    Up and Running Lge 1 U9/11 – no coaching – U13/15+


Mon 24/05                      U9/11 365  coaching

Wed 26/05                      IOM Lge 2 U13+

Thurs 27/05                    U13/15+ 365 coaching


Mon 31/05                      U9/11 365  coaching

Wed 02/06                      Waiting room session 5 to 6pm

Thurs 03/06                    Up and Running Lge 2 U9/11 – no coaching – U13/15+


Mon 07/06                      U9/11 365  coaching

Wed 09/06                      IOM Lge 3 U13+

Thurs 10/06                    U13/15+ 365 coaching


Sun 13/06                       Jude’s Sports Hall Event – NSC Main Hall – U11 and U13


Mon 14/06                      U9/11 365  coaching

Wed 16/06                      Waiting room session 5 to 6pm

Thurs 17/06                    Up and Running Lge 3 U9/11 – no coaching – U13/15+


Mon 21/06                      U9/11 365  coaching

Wed 23/06                      IOM Lge 4 U13+

Thurs 24/06                    U13/15+ 365 coaching


Sat 26/06                         Isle of Man T&F Champs 1

Sun 27/06                       Isle of Man T&F Champs 2


Mon 28/06                      U9/11 365  coaching

Wed 30/06                      Waiting room session 5 to 6pm (last one as Andy is away)

Thurs 01/07                    Up and Running Lge 4 U9/11 – no coaching – U13/15+


Mon 05/07                      U9/11 365  coaching

Wed 07/07                      IOM Lge 5 U13+

Thurs 08/07                    U13/15+ 365 coaching


Mon 12/07                      U9/11 365  coaching

Thurs 15/07                    Up and Running Lge 5 U9/11 – no coaching – U13/15+


Mon 19/07                      U9/11 365  coaching

Wed 21/07                      IOM Lge 6 U13+

Thurs 22/07                    U13/15+ 365 coaching


Mon 26/07                      U9/11 365  coaching

Thurs 29/07                    U13/15+ 365 coaching


Sat 31/07                         Manx Harriers T&F Champs 1

Sun 01/08                       Manx Harriers T&F Champs 2


Mon 02/08                      U9/11 365  coaching

Thurs 05/08                    Up and Running Lge 6 U9/11 – no coaching – U13/15+

Whether Coaching will continue every week depends on coach availability at this point. Information will be posted in late June so parents and athletes are aware of what is available in the summer holidays.

Mon 09/08                      U9/11 365  coaching

Thurs 12/08                    U13/15+ 365 coaching


Sat 21/08                         IOMA Pentathlon Champs U13 & 15


Present Lockdown Fixtures and beyond – From April 2021

A number or events have been lost eg Murray Lambden Runs and Walks, The Easter Festival, The Northern 10 among others. However, a pretty full spring and summer season is just about ready. The Autumn and Winter events will be published in a month or so. There are some more T&F weekend events to add but these will be included when dates have been identified. Hopefully the list below will give a reasonable record of where things stand at present so athletes can plan for the season.

Andy Fox and members of all island clubs with responsibility for fixtures.

  1. Events Postponed from earlier in the year with a date organised for the event –

Jude’s Sports Hall event – postponed to 13th June

10km road race walk Champs – Manx Harriers – postponed to 14th July

Dave Phillips Run 1 – Western Athletics Club – postponed to 27th August

  1. Events postponed but no date identified for them as yet –

Vets Spring Handicap 10km – IOM Vets

  1. Events that will hopefully go ahead as normal, some with a new date.

Thursday 29th April      Signing on IOM T&F League U13 and above – IOMA

Sunday 2nd May            Slooby Dhoo FR – Manx Fell Runners

Thursday 6th May         Signing on – Up and Running Junior T&F League – MH

WAC T&F League 1 – WAC

Monday 10th May        IOM 10km Track Run and Walk Champs – MH

Wednesday 12th May  IOM  T&F League U13 and above 1 – IOMA

Thursday 13th May     WAC T&F League 2 – WAC

Friday 14th May             Dave Phillips Runs 1 – WAC

Sunday 16th May          20 mile race – IOM Vets

Thursday 20th May       Up and Running T&F League 1 – MH

WAC T&F League 3 – WAC

Sunday 23rd May          Race the Sun – Children’s Centre

Wednesday 26th May   IOM T&F League U13 and above 2 – IOMA

Thursday 27th May       WAC T&F League 4 – WAC

5Km walk – MH

Friday 28th May            Park Run 1 – Northern AC

Saturday 29th May      MMM – Manx Fell Runners

Thursday 3rd June         Up and Running T&F Lge 2 – MH

WAC T&F Lge 5 – WAC

Wednesday 9th June    IOM T&F League U13 and above 3 – IOMA

Thursday 10th June      WAC T&F League 6 – WAC

Sunday 13th June          Jude’s Sports Hall – WAC

Thursday 17th June      WAC T&F League 7 – WAC

Up and Running T&F League 3 – MH

Friday 18th June            James Coulson FR – MFR

Saturday 19th June       Parish Walk

Sunday 20th June          Parish Walk

Wednesday 23rd June IOM T&F League U13 and above 4 – IOMA

Thursday 24th June      WAC T&F League 8 – WAC

Friday 25th June            Dave Phillips Races 2 – WAC

Saturday 26th June       IOM T&F Champs – IOMA

Sunday 27th June          IOM T&F Champs – IOMA

Tuesday 29th June        Mooragh Park 5km – NAC


Thursday 1st July           WAC T&F Lge 9 – WAC

Up and Running T&F League 4 – MH

Friday 2nd July               Park Run 2 – NAC

Sunday 4th July              Bradda Fell Race – MFR

Wednesday 7th July     IOM T&F League U13 and above 5 – IOMA

Thursday 8th July          WAC T&F League 10 – WAC

Saturday 10th July         NAC T&F Champs – NAC

Wednesday 14th July   10km IOM Road Walk Champs and 5km Road Run – MH

Thursday 15th July        WAC T&F League 11 – WAC

Up and Running T&F League 5 – MH

Friday 16th July              Park Run 3 – NAC

Sunday 18th July            Pier to Pier Race – MH

Wednesday 21st July   IOM T&F League U13 and above 6 – IOMA

Slieau Ruy FR – MFR

Thursday 22nd July       WAC T&F League 12 – WAC

Friday 23rd July              Dave Phillips 3 – WAC

Thursday 29th July        WAC T&F League 13 – WAC

Friday 30th July              Carraghan FR – MFR

Sat 31st July                    MH T&F  Champs 1 – MH

Sun 1st August               MH T&F Champs 2 – MH

Thursday 5th August    Up and Running T&F League 6 – MH

Sunday 8th August        IOM Marathon and HM – IOM Vets

Monday 9th August      Peel Hill Race – WAC

Tuesday 10th August    10km – NAC

Wed 11th August           Killer Mile – MFR

Thursday 12th August  Foxdale 5 – MH

Friday 13th August        Heritage Trail Run – WAC

Friday 20th August        Park Run 4 – NAC

Saturday 21st August   U13 & 15 Pentathlon – IOMA

Friday 27th August        Dave Phillips Races 4 – WAC

Saturday 4th Sept          Challenge Event – MFR

Sunday 5th Sept             IOM 20km Road Walk Champs – MH

Sunday 12th Sept          Peel to Douglas Trail Run – MH

Saturday 18th Sept      Ellan Vannin FR – MFR

Sunday 19th Sept          End to End Walk – IOM Vets

Saturday 25th Sept       Junior FR Champs – MFR

Sunday 26th Sept          One Hour Walks Challenge – MH

Training and Coaching Sessions on Offer this Summer – over 30 of them!!!

Please see the attached document which can also be found on the Manx Harriers Website.

Final Thoughts.

As you can see the club has been busy in preparation for the summer season. There is still more to do and we hope that members will support the club as much as they can by taking part in competitions, helping at events and maybe coaching as well. Just contact any committee member or Andy on 495830 or if more information.

Hopefully we will see a great summer season, plenty of PBs, fun and great weather.

Andy Fox

Chairperson Manx Harriers.