Race Walking

Race walking has always had and continues to have a great presence within Manx Harriers, with many athletes past and present representing the Island at a high level and being selected for national teams at Commonwealth level as well as representing England and Great Britain at international level.

Manx Harriers organises numerous race walking events throughout the year where newcomers to the sport are encouraged to race alongside the best in a friendly atmosphere of support and encouragement for all ages and abilities.

Manx Harriers race walking events include the Parish Walk, Winter Walking League, Open Meeting, 10K and Younger Age Group Championships, 5k Club Walk, Summer 10K, Foxdale 6 and the 20K Walking Championships.

Historical events no longer held.

One of the first victims of modern day traffic increases in speed and volume was the T.T. course walk and Relay events. The events as the name suggests were held over the iconic T.T. course were very popular with many of the Islands athletes including football clubs, young farmers teams as well as works teams, but increasing concerns for competitor safety, sadly led to its demise.

The original End to End walk was held on the East coast of the Island in April and started from Point of Ayre, through Ramsey and Laxey and down to the Southern tip of the Island via Douglas and Ballasalla, this course was dropped and the current course on the west side of the Island was adopted and is now run by the Veterans Athletics club.

Likewise the Boundary Stroll (25km) around the middle of the Island was another victim of ever increasing traffic on the Islands roads.

The Peel to Douglas walk (10 miles) was a very popular December event with its first edition in the early 1960’s and was one of the more recent casualties, holding on till 2010 before time was called on this event.