Track & Field League

The Track and Field League is a series of six events offering a full schedule of events and competition. Held on a Wednesday evening at the NSC they offer the opportunity for our athletes to compete against each other.  Points are awarded depending on the athletes position within the event and at the end of the League the athlete with the most points is crowned champion.

To allow the Track and Field League to run smoothly and to time we request that parents assist for at least one evening in the season. Parents are asked to do a non technical task like pulling the tape through, raking the sandpit or retrieving the cricket ball, discus or shot putt.  Qualified officials are always on hand to assist you.  Up and Running

League dates for 2018 are as follows:

Sign on 8 March 2018 at the Clubhouse.

14 March 2018
28 March 2018
25 April 2018
9 May 2018
13 June 2018
11 July 2018

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