Manx Harriers run numerous training sessions a week throughout the year from sprints to middle distance, race walking coaching and technique work, throws, jumps, circuits, 365 training and sports hall athletics. Manx Harriers is an inclusive club and everyone is welcome regardless of their age or ability.

UK Athletics Qualified Coaches are at all sessions.

Manx Harriers Coaching/Training Sessions

All athletes are reminded that the NSC track is a public facility. If you wish to use it you have to pay for the privilege. This can be done by becoming a member of the NSC for a nominal charge for the year or by paying £2.10 juniors or £2.95 adults each time you use the track. Your club membership does NOT cover use of the track.
Level Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday



HJ – 6 to 8pm

Race Walking (clubhouse) – 6pm to 7pm

Social Running Group (clubhse) – 6.30 to 7.30pm


5.45pm Venues contact Nigel

General Endurance – 6.00 to 7.30pm

Horizontal Jumps – 6.40 to 7.30pm

Race Walking -(clubhouse) – 6pm to 7.30pm

Throws – 5 to 7pm

HM/Marathon – 5.45pm Venues contact Nigel

High Jump – 6 to 8pm

Race walking (Track) – 5 to 6pm


Pole Vault

5 to 7pm

General Endurance –

10 to 11.45am

Venue – 495830

HM/Marathon –

TT G/stand 9am

Horizontal Jumps – 10.30 to 11.30am




Developing & Progressing (365)

Race Walking  (clubhouse) – 5.15 to 6pm

High Jump – 5 to 6pm


Horizontal Jumps – 6.00 to 6.40pm


Junior Endurance – 6 to 7pm

Throws – 5 to 7pm

365 T&F (NSC) – 6 to 8.15pm

High Jump

5 to 6pm

Race Walking (Track) – 5 to 6pm

Pole Vault

5 to 7pm

General Endurance

9 to 11.45 (2 sessions)

Horizontal Jumps – 10.30 to 12 noon

Junior Race Walking (clubhouse) – 10 to 11am




T&F (NSC track)

U9 – 6 to 7pm

U11 – 7 to 8pm


365 Waiting Rm

5 to 6pm. If Required over the winter.

T&F (NSC Track)- U13 – 6 to 7pm

U15 and older –

7 to 8.15pm





Athlete progression is covered as below

  • 365 Programme – Beginners 7 to 11 years
  • Developing and Progressing Programme (365) – 11 years to 15/16 years
  • Expert Programme – 15/16 years Upwards – Seniors/Vets

Movement between levels is based upon age and/or ability of the athlete in question. Decisions to move levels in discussion with coaches.

High Jump – Developing and Progressing Programme (365)

Presently we do not have enough coaches to work weekly with younger athletes in this area. Coaching will be available from 7 to 8.15pm for athletes in these areas on the following Thursday evenings –

Th 27/05    Th 29/06

Sprints Expert Programme

Some Hurdles work is also done in this programme. Presently it is taken by experienced athletes with coaches present. 16/17 year old athletes are welcome to attend. In order to do this contact Andy Fox on 495830 or

Contact details for sessions

We advise that if you are going to attend a session for the first time you must contact the relevant coach in advance to check this is the best session for you and that there is space for you. Once you have attended and know the session is right for you then discussion can be ongoing with the coaches at the session.

  1. 365 Programme – There is a waiting list – contact – Andy Fox – 495830 or
  2. Developing & Progressing Programme – Niall McGarrigle – 497473,
  3. Expert Programme – Race Walking –Marie Jackson 470220 or  Allan Callow 473354 or  and Steve Partington 489582 or
  4. General Endurance – Andy Fox – 495830/626415 or
  5.  Sprints and Hurdles –  Andy Fox as above
  6. Horizontal Jumps – Peter Kaneen – 852884, or
  7. High Jump, Pole Vault and Throws – John Whitlow – 435148,
  8. Marathon – Nigel Armstrong – 487478,