Message to all Manx Harriers members, families and friends.

As the Isle of Man goes into lockdown from Midnight Wednesday 6th/Thursday 7th January all official Manx Harriers group activities will cease. This means group training and coaching sessions, competitive and social events etc. It is expected that this situation will last for 21 days. We hope all members will follow the lockdown guidelines in full. The lockdown will be reviewed by IOM Govt. over time and ourselves based upon any changes to the lockdown that comes out of the government reviews.

To help with this, by the coming weekend (Sunday 10th January), we will publish by email and on the website and facebook page a full guidance based on the IOM Govt. guidance applied to training for individuals so athletes can keep up their training and fitness at this time. In addition this will include guidance for parents in providing activities for their children to try in the garden or in the exercise period away from the house to keep in touch with their training and the sport. We hope you find this useful.

Lastly, if you are not a regular visitor to the Manx Harriers Facebook page please do find it and check it out regularly. This will be the quickest way the club can get information out to members.

I am sure we all hope this lockdown will solve the present problems the Isle of Man is experiencing and that this can be done as quickly as possible. To help with this it is important we follow the regulations in full.

Thanks for taking time to read this message and take care.

Andy Fox

Chairperson Manx Harriers