MH events, T&F and Junior events as well as Coaching and Training Sessions September 2020

At a recent meeting of coaches it was decided that due to the large number of events in September there will only be 2 more 365 session and 2 more Waiting room sessions both early in the month. We then have many events taking place and the Autumn/Winter training sessions will start in the week beginning 28th September 2020.

Reasons – many coaches are also officials and we have worked them hard since lockdown ended and athletics started up again. A break is needed for all. In addition it is good for athletes to have a mini break before starting the next series of training sessions i.e. the Autumn/Winter schedules. We hope parents and athletes understand the reasoning here.

Please note –

  1. 365 training will alter in the way it is set up. This will be explained in a separate document in mid-September so all are aware of what is happening. If possible we hope to have a meeting parents and athletes can attend to find out more.
  2. This does not affect individual training groups run by coaches for seniors and older athletes e.g. the middle distance groups or the High Jump training etc. Please see the relevant coach for information as to whether training will continue in mid to late Sept. in these sessions.

Coach contact details can be seen below as well as a full list of 365 and waiting room training sessions taking place as well as the competitions to come in the next month!

365 & Waiting Room Training and Competitions September 2020

Sun 30/08     Peel to Douglas Trail Race MH

Mon 31/08      365 Training all ages


Wed 02/09    Newfield Senior T&F League 3(NAC)

                     Waiting room session 4 to 5pm

Thurs              Probable Up and Running junior T&F  League 2

Fri 04/09

Sat 05/09

Sun 06/09       IOM 20km Walking Champs MH


Mon 07/09      365 Training all ages


Wed                Newfield T&F League 2 (WAC)

Waiting room session 4 to 5pm

Thurs 10/09


Sat 12/09        IOM T&F Champs day 1

Sun 13/09       IOM T&F Champs day 2


Mon 14/09





Sat 19/09        MH T&F Champs 1

Sun 20/09       MH T&F Champs 2 


Mon 21/09





Sat 26/09        Junior FR Champs

Sun 27/09


Mon 28/09   Start of 365 training and Autumn/Winter Coaching Schedules

                        Please see separate document to follow!


11th October First XC League event hosted by Manx Harriers.

Coach Contact Information.

We advise that if you are going to attend a session for the first time you must contact the relevant coach in advance to check this is the best session for you and that there is space for you. Once you have attended and know the session is right for you then discussion can be ongoing with the coaches at the session.

  1. 365 Programme – There is a waiting list – contact – Andy Fox – 495830 or
  2. Developing & Progressing Programme under 13 and under 15 – Niall McGarrigle – 497473,
  3. Expert Programme – Race Walking –Marie Jackson 470220 or  Allan Callow 473354 or  and Steve Partington 489582 or
  4. Endurance – Andy Fox – 495830/626415,
    Sprints and Hurdles – Andy Fox as above
  5. Horizontal Jumps – Peter Kaneen – 852884, or
  6. High Jump, Pole Vault and Throws – John Whitlow – 435148,