Record Breaking Running – Rachael and Ollie the Stars of the Show.

A warm and pleasant evening on Thursday 16th July saw a field of 38 runners including some of the best ever Manx distance running specialists toe the line at the NSC roadway. The wind had got up a little in the 2 hours before the race but eased somewhat by 7.30pm so all was set for the hoped for fast race.

From the off it was almost as though everyone had received a memo saying set off fast and hang on! Ollie Lockley lead the way at a blistering pace followed by Alan Corlett and Wil Draper. Close behind followed Andy Nash and Rachael Franklin with a number of younger  and more experienced runners competing over the first half of the race for a good base to work on. They included Christian Varley fresh from his marathon heroics and Ieuan Owen who has now moved into the Under 20 age category. A little further back but going well were scutch of Manx Harriers ladies all going well lead by Elissa Morris with Caroline Mayers, Macy Hillier and Ciara Hardisty.

After half way the positions began to settle down and Ollie, Alan and Wil began to lap runners on the multi lap course. However, at the front the pace continued to be very impressive and records looked like they would be under threat.

As the race moved into the final mile Ollie had stretched his lead in first place and Alan had stretched away from Wil Draper. Rachael had overtaken training partner Andy Nash and was charging towards a fast time. The final lap saw everyone putting everything into their races. Ollie broke the tape in 14 mins 10 seconds to set a Manx Senior Men’s record and record a time that would win most road 5kms in the UK. Allan recorded a new road PB as did Wil and Andy Nash.

Rachael held her lead over Andy and powered through the line in a very impressive 15 mins 42 seconds and yet another Manx Senior record. This also would win many a 5km race in the UK and if things were different at present would mean she would probably have had a shot at winning an England or GB vest this summer over 5km on the road as has Lockley in recent years at different distances. All others in the first 6 ran PBs on the evening! Looking further down the field there were some great times and performances by all with PBs run by at least 15 other runners and pleasing performance s by all.

The Isle of Man records did not end with the first male and female athletes over the line as Macy Hillier set a new mark in the under 15 girls category running 19 minutes and 7 seconds. She ran a really gutsy race and finished very strongly indeed. At the other end of the scale Andy Fox also bettered the old over 60 men’s time.

Manx Harriers would like to thank all competitors for taking part in such a great event, the many spectators who added to a great atmosphere and most importantly all the time keepers, Marshals, Lap Scorers etc. Without the officials it would not have been possible to put on such a successful event. So the first road race on island over a standard distance after lockdown lead to the first time the Senior Men’s and Women’s records have fallen in the same race. In addition 2 other Manx records were set and many athletes ran faster than ever before. Roll on the rest of the season – it could be a record breaking one in more ways than one!

Manx Harriers 5km Road Run

Thursday 16th July 2020 – NSC Roadway.


Name                               No.       Club                                  Age Group  Time

  1. Ollie Lockley 295       Manx Harriers                Sen M                14 mins 10 secs R
  2. Alan Corlett 291       Manx Harriers                Sen M                14 mins 48 secs
  3. Wil Draper 288       Unattached                    Sen M                15 mins 04 secs
  4. Rachael Franklin 290       Ribble Valley H.             Sen W                15 mins 42 secs R
  5. Andy Nash 292       Unattached                    Sen M                15 mins 45 secs
  6. Ieuan Owen 268       Western AC                    U20M                15 mins 53 secs
  7. Christian Varley 272       IOM Fell Runners          V35M                 16 mins 29 secs
  8. Alex Bell 265       Manx Harriers                Sen M                16 mins 51 secs
  9. Luke Phair 293       Northern AC                   U20M               16 mins 57 secs
  10. Corbyn Schade 278       Western AC                    U15B                  17 mins 31 secs
  11. Paul Sykes 266       IOM Fell Runners          V45M                 17 mins 35 secs
  12. Ryan Corrin 286       Manx Harriers                U17M                18 mins 09 secs
  13. Daniel Pownall 296       Manx Harriers                Sen M                18 mins 14 secs
  14. Richard Shipway 271       Western AC                    V50M                 18 mins 23 secs
  15. Andy Watson 263       Manx Harriers                V50M                 18 mins 38 secs
  16. Andrew Fox 300       Manx Harriers                V60M                 18 mins 39 secs R
  17. Elissa Morris 299       Manx Harriers                Sen W                18 mins 55 secs
  18. Paul Rodgers 277       Manx Harriers                V40M                 19 mins 06 secs
  19. Peter Callin 297       Western AC                    V45M                 19 mins 07 secs
  20. Macy Hillier 298       Manx Harriers                U15G                  19 mins 07 secs R
  21. Caroline Mayers 289       Manx Harriers                V45W                 19 mins 14 secs
  22. Ciara Hardisty 281       Manx Harriers                Sen W                19 mins 23 secs
  23. James Wright 264       Unattached                    V35M                 19 mins 28 secs
  24. Jamie Hayes 275       Unattached                    V35M                 19 mins 30 secs
  25. Jake Ashton 274       Unattached                    U17M                19 mins 50 secs
  26. Guy Wood 279       Unattached                    Sen M                19 mins 53 secs
  27. Josh Wade 287       Unattached                    Sen M                20 mins 02 secs
  28. Dawn Atherton 194       Western AC                    V35W                 20 mins 03 secs
  29. Laura Dickinson 269       Manx Harriers                Sen W                20 mins 31 secs
  30. Mark Corrin 285       Manx Harriers                V45M                 21 mins 51 secs
  31. John Robertson 273       Unattached                    V65M                 22 mins 33 secs
  32. Niall Killey 276       Unattached                    Sen M                23 mins 11 secs
  33. Kathy Lane 270       IOM Vets                         V45W                 23 mins 13 secs
  34. Fiona Bullough 284       IOM Vets                         V40W                 24 mins 55 secs
  35. Keith Green 280       Manx Harriers                V60M                 26 mins 04 secs
  36. Anne-Marie Rivers 282       Unattached                    V45W                 27 mins 13 secs
  37. Katie Lawrence 283       Western AC                    V35W                 28 mins 09 secs
  38. Gethin Owen 267       Western AC                    U15B                  DNF


R = Isle of Man Record, subject to ratification.

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