Message to athletes, parents, coaches and members

Here is information regarding training and the present Covid19 situation. The two documents summarise the guidance the club is having to work to regarding training and coaching from IOM Govt, IOM Sport, UK Athletics and England Athletics. It is a complex situation but as lockdown relaxes we will see the guidance alter and so these documents amended. However, this is the start of the process do please read them carefully.

Manx Harriers Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Manx Harriers Guidance for coaches and athletes

Training and coaching is at present in the main available to older athletes. Over time it will develop and progress to younger athletes as we know how situations develop. The documents run through –

What you need to do before training
Booking the Track
How training sessions will be run – at the track and away from the track
Finally a conclusion and coaches contact details.

The notes are for your protection and that of your coaches and the public in general. Please read them carefully and put them into practice.

All the best

Andy Fox
On behalf of MH Committee and Coaches

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