Manx Harriers Fun Pentathlon One – Results

Fun Pentathlon
  1. Regan Corrin U15                                     281
  2. Ryan Corrin U17                                       259
  3. Mark Corrin V45                                       227
  4. Andy Fox V60                                           204
  5. Daisy McGarrigle Sen                               203
  6. Laura Bradley V35                                    199
  7. Niall McGarrigle V55                                196
  8. Holly McGarrigle Sen                               190
  9. Josie McGarrigle Sen                                179
  10. Eva Bradley U13                                        172
  11. Fiona McGarrigle V50                               169
  12. Tonya Corrin V40                                      166

Manx Harriers first Fun Pentathlon event during the present pandemic was a qualified success. There was great interest but not as many people sent in their results as was at first planned for. Hopefully when we try a second event next month more will take part and we can see how everyone does.

The Corrin Family came through with a late rush of results on Sunday afternoon 10th May. Regan’s jumps skills came to the fore and produced a cracking score or 281 points which would rank highly across the UK. Ryan pushed his younger brother and dad Mark was also hanging onto the heels of his lads! Andy Fox attempting to relive former days as a decent long and high jumper basically failed as the old legs just would not do it anymore. Next came Daisy McGarrigle ahead of Laura Bradley with good scores followed by a gaggle of McGarrigles all competing closely. Eva Bradley, Fiona Mcgarrigle and Tonya Corrin enjoyed the events and produced some good performances.

All who took part enjoyed the event and will hopefully try again in June and perhaps better their scores. Hopefully others will also compete and find out what a great fun event this is whilst also sharpening up their athletic skills.

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