Results of Up and Running Winter League 4 – Ronaldsway 12/1/20

It was a bright but chilly and windy start to the walking new year as the 4th round of this seasons winter race walking league was held at Ronaldsway Industrial Estate on Sunday morning.
Numbers were a little down but there were a number of great performances despite the weather.  One of the performances of the day came from the clear winner on handicap, Keira Heavey in a massively improved personal best.  She hung on to fastest female in the 10km Marie Jackson for most of the race.
Marie is always a master of pace judgement and Keira stuck to her until the last few laps to record 60.37 well over 3 minutes off her previous best of 63.57.  John Robinson has been missing from the racing scene for some time, but clearly is still very fit, recording a sharp time for his first race back to take second place on handicap.  Leanne Venables was racing in a group where positions changed constantly, but she and James Moore pushed on to get the better of Dudley Butt and Adie Corlett in the closing lap.  4th on handicap was the improving Paul Sayle who was again well under the hour with Denise Bridson making improvements from the last round to take fifth spot on handicap.
Fastest male walker on the day was Gianni Epifani the only walker to go under 50 minutes while fastest female was Marie Jackson close to getting under the hour mark again.  5km field was small on this occasion and handicap was won by Nick Wallinger who was 20 seconds to the good on from junior Mia Dunwell who had another great walk.  Rosie Glen was the only other walker to finish the 5km, so picking up some valuable points for the league. Fastest walker in this race was Mia Dunwell her 27.44 was excellent in the conditions. 2 juniors walked in the junior 1km.  7 year old Maya Creer has never raced before and really impressed with a great technical walk and also a very quick time for one so young.  Aalin Heavey finished 90 seconds further back, also walking well.
Many thanks to all who turned out in the chilly weather to support the event. Thanks also to the Fire Service for the use of their facilities for the morning.  Round 5 of 6 is taking place at the N.S.C. on Sunday 2nd February (9.30am) start.
Entry forms are now out for the Murray Lambden Open meeting on 22nd February.  The programme includes a full walks programme including junior
races at 1km, 3km, 5km, as well as 10km walk and 20km walk and a 10km run in the afternoon.
The meeting incorporates the Nihill shield match for junior walk teams from Ireland v England RWA of which some Manx juniors are likely to be picked for the England team. Also incorporated is the Northern Athletics (North of England) 20km walk championships.  Entries for this championship close earlier on 27th January.  Entry forms can be found on Manx Harriers facebook page or by contacting  Entry for the open events close on February 16th.
Here are the full results:
Pos’n, Bib Name (H’cap Time )Actual Time;
1, 15 Keira Heavey (74:05) 60:37; 2, 49 John Robinson (75:00) 62:35; 3, 11
Leanne Venables (75:23) 69:49; 4, 45 Paul Sayle (77:01) 58:52; 5, 10 Denise
Bridson (77:07) 72:03; 6, 39 James Moore (77:11) 69:49; 7, 8 Gordon Erskine
(77:15) 74:40; 8, 22 Diane Brown (77:19) 74:17; 9, 29 Kerry Palmer (77:21)
68:48; 10, 24 Alan Gault (77:21) 73:53; 11, 28 Adie Corlett (77:26) 70:09;
12, 48 Marie Jackson (77:33) 60:08; 13, 21 Angela Robinson (77:39) 67:34;
14, 27 Mike Readshaw (77:43) 63:46; 15, 16 Lorna Gleave (77:53) 64:03; 16,
18 Dudley Butt (78:07) 70:02; 17, 13 Ian Callister (78:17) 62:25; 18, 41
Maura Kelly (78:22) 72:45; 19, 3 Louise Hollings (78:34) 64:15; 20, 6
Melissa Lines (78:39) 78:39; 21, 14 Vicki Heavey (78:48) 71:01; 22, 26 Colin
Moore (78:57) 69:41; 23, 33 Gianni Epifani (79:20) 49:31;5km
1, 109 Nick Wallinger (53:45) 35:50; 2, 103 Mia Dunwell (54:10) 27:44; 3,
115 Rosie Glen (54:18) 44:19;1km
1, 125 Maya Creer 7.34; 2, 123 Aalin Heavey 9.04;