Winter Walking League – Round 3 – Results

Round 3 of the Up and Running Winter Walking League took place in windy and damp conditions in Ramsey on Sunday 17th December. Being so close to Christmas, there was a festive flavour to the attire of many who raced.

Pete Miller walked a strong race, took the win and was a minute clear of the field. Unfortunately his time was not recorded at the finish line, so will have to make do with an unofficial personal best for now, which was a couple of minutes quicker than his time in round 1.

Louise Hollings finished in second place after starting and walking in the early stages with Nicola Raven who took fourth spot.  Voirrey Earnshaw-Cain is edging closer to dipping under 70 minutes and took 3rd place in the handicap.

Fastest female was Bernie Johnson who broke the magic hour barrier for the first time ever, despite ditching the lycra for a Santa costume.  Stewart Jones also broke the hour despite wearing a hat which must provided a fair bit of drag as the headwind on the promenade proved difficult for all those competing.

Fastest of the men was Tom Partington, home for the holidays and setting a fine 45 minute time despite the conditions.

Lalaghe Earnshaw-Cain took another race win in the 5km event and was never going to be caught as she is still taking large lumps of her race times. Behind her things were much closer as the handicap wound up in the final stages. Sharon Cain raced strongly in the closing stages to set another personal best in 2nd place.

Alice Bellando took third place and will have been happy to get her race times back inside the 30 minute mark despite the windy weather.

Fastest in the 5km was Hannah Hunter clocking a sub 26 minute performance.

The juniors all put on a fine display of technical ability in their respective events.  In the 3km it was a tight race between Abbie Edwards and Mia Dunwell with Abbie just easing away.  Keira Heavey, in third also was walking with impeccable style and was just a few seconds further back. Dominic Dunwell and Orla Goddard also both raced well with Dominic taking the win in the 2km event. Aalin Heavey was the sole competitor in the 1km and just nipped inside the 11 minute mark.

Big thankyou to Ramsey Rugby Club. for the use of their clubhouse facilities for the race and post-race social. Thanks also to all the officials and volunteers who came to support the athletes and the event.

Round 4 is on January 7th at Ronaldsway Industrial Estate – further details to be advised in the near future.  Please contact Allan on 473354 or Bridget on 497594 if you are free to help out in any capacity.



Senior 10km

Pos’n Bib Name (h’cap time) Actual Time;

1, 26 Pete Miller (73:43) (56:29 unofficial time); 2, 7 Louise Hollings (74:44) 65:02; 3, 8 Voirrey Earnshaw-Cain (74:53) 70:12; 4, 31 Nicola Raven (74:58) 65:18; 5, 42 Paul Sayle (75:01) 62:31; 6, 44 Richard Gerrard (75:15) 51:15; 7, 23 Andy Baxendale (75:29) 69:15; 8, 25 Ray Beattie (75:33) 62:14; 9, 15 Bernie Johnson (75:35) 59:45; 10, 34 Jayne Farquhar (75:37) 61:14; 11, 27 Sam Fletcher (75:42) 56:21; 11, 32 Stewart Jones (75:42) 59:35; 13, 19 Rob Clynes (75:45) 71:57; 14, 17 Tony Edwards (75:48) 59:03; 15, 2 Gianni Epifani (76:10) 48:34; 16, 9 May Hooper (76:15) 72:38; 17, 13 Gordon Erskine (76:26) 74:17; 18, 43 Tom Partington (76:32) 45:42; 19, 1 Rebecca Greatbatch (77:08) 63:00; 20, 16 Adam Killip (77:25) 59:11; 21, 39 Norbert Will (77:48) 77:48; 22, 41 Andrew Dawson (78:37) 63:37; 37 James Quirk  DNF;  35 Dale Farquhar  DNF;

Senior 5km

Pos’n Bib Name (h’cap time) Actual Time;

1, 103 Lalaghe Earnshaw-Cain (41:59) 35:54; 2, 102 Sharon Cain (44:20) 31:01; 3, 109 Alice Bellando (44:29) 29:59; 4, 105 Louise Cowell (45:09) 33:44; 5, 118 Hannah Hunter (45:10) 25:52; 6, 132 Carolanne Hanley (46:47) 46:47;

Junior 3km

Pos’n Bib Name Actual Time

1, 110 Abbie Edwards 19:23; 2, 126 Mia Dunwell 19:43; 3, 115 Keira Heavey 20:03;

Junior 2km

Pos’n Bib Name Actual Time

1, 106 Dominic Dunwell 14:55; 2, 125 Orla Goddard 16:11;

Junior 1km

Pos’n Bib Name Actual Time

1, 114 Aalin Heavey 10:59;



RWA permit number RWA7027-1

Time Keepers – Judy Morrey, Bridget Kaneen

Judges – Kevin Walmsley, Marie Jackson, Laura Merryweather, Steve Taylor

Photo – Rob Quine

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